Frymaster 8064206 Probe Assembly With/ Loctite

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Probe Assy W/ Loctite


  • Length: 3.25 In
  • Width: 1 In
  • Height: 1 In
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs

Product Notes

  • Temp Probe, Screw-In W/ Wire Lead.
  • Loctite 567 Is Included. (# 32-1674)
  • Frymaster
  • Fryer Bimh-(14,52), Fh(50,250), Fm245, Fph50
  • Fmh(50,250), H(14,17,22,214), Mach(14,52), Mj45E With
  • Computer Magic Ii Or Iii, Mjcfe, Mjh(50,250).
  • Bih152, Bih252, Bih352, Bih452, Bih52, Bih552, Biph252/255,
  • Biph352/355, Biph452/455, Biph52/55, Biph552, Esw, Ewbs,
  • Fbcr18, Fbkr18, Fh150, Fm45, Fm47, Fmcfe, Fmcfec, Fmh50,
  • Fph150, Fph50, Fpph355-Sc, Fpph355Csd, Fpph455-Sc,
  • H50, H55, J3F, J65X, Jbih252, Jcfx, Kj3Fc, Mh152, Mh252,
  • Mh352, Mh452, Mh52, Mh552, Mj35, Mj45, Mj47, Mjcf, Mjcfe,
  • Mjcfec, Mjh150,Mjh50, Mph152/155, Mph252/255, Mph352/355,
  • Mph452/455, Mph52/55, Ph155Csd, Pmj35, Wfp347Ecse
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