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Thermostat Parts
How do I recalibrate my oven thermostat so the temperature is right?
Everyone makes cookies, cakes and pastries, which are baked, but hitting the perfect results can often be difficult. It always helps to follow the recipe, but a well-calibrated oven can be the secret to consistent results. Oven calibration is a procedure in which you change the temperature of your oven to ensure precise operation. This basic technique is an excellent way to ensure that you get the results you need to cook or to roast a favourite dish of the family.
How much does it cost to replace an oven thermostat?
Ovens are important home appliances, cooking our food many times a day to share with our families. They come in different shapes, sizes and types with various new furnace designs and state-of-the-art features. Unfortunately, wear and tear are caused when even the best ovens break down, and so the ovens need to be repaired periodically. Usually, calling a specialist is the right option when your oven breaks down. Most people want to act quickly because it's a fight without a working oven.
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Fryer Parts
How to clean your deep fryer basket?
Cleaning a fryer is a must, whether you operate a big chain restaurant or a small neighborhood bar. It's also necessary to clean the fryer basket thoroughly. A filthy basket will spoil your food's taste and minimize its lifespan.
What are the Types of Deep Fryer Baskets
This article discusses the three types of deep fryer baskets that are available. Make sure to contact PartsFe for all your fryer parts and accessories needs. 1) Standard Deep Fryer Basket This type of standard deep Fryer Basket is very common in ...
Why should not overload the fry baskets in a deep fryer?
How do you reset an electric fryer? There are a few ways to reset an electric fryer. One way is to unplug the fryer, wait for a few minutes, and plug it back in. Another way is to open the fryer and remove the heating element. You can then hold down...
Foods to Cook in Rotating Basket
An air fryer is the new electronic equipment that has been very trending in today’s market.
Deep Frying Equipment
What equipment is used in deep frying? You do not need to go out every time or order food to get the deep-fried taste. If you have the proper equipment you can make them at home itself. You do not need to rush to the restaurants when there is certain...
FAQs about Fryer Parts
Fryer baskets, control boards, screen filters, temperature control, thermocouple, conversion kit, and temperature control are the main categories of essential fryer parts and accessories. You can explore all top brands of fryer parts and accessories at PartsFe. Just search fryer parts in the search box to see prices, warranties, specifications, and more.
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Oven Parts
Convection Oven
What are the parts of a convection oven? Are you looking to replace your oven? For those of us who use an oven regularly we get habituated with the settings and working conditions of the oven. We know exactly which temperature knob is slightly rusted...
Frequently Asked Oven Parts & Accessories Questions
How do I get baked on grease off my oven?There are a few ways to get baked-on grease off your oven. One way is to use baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda all over the grease and let it sit for a few hours. Then, scrub the oven with a wet rag. Another...
How to replace an Ignition module?
Wondering for a solution on how to replace an ignition module? Before we to the details, let's see what the ignition module is. It is a part of the ignition system where it controls the electricity that flows through the ignition coil so that it can...
Oven Door Gasket
Have issues with your Oven? Unable to fix it? Go ahead with this blog and you will find solutions for your queries. Have you bought a new oven and are wondering how to fix the seal of the oven? Or do you want to replace the oven door seal or gasket? We shall help you to do it better.
Oven Control Board Repair & Replace
Have issues with your oven board? How do you find out that you're having issues with your oven board? If you have the below problems it can be the major cause of the oven board issue. Having F1 error code When you place food inside the oven...
How to replace an oven element by yourself ?
When you wanted to replace an oven element, you first need to remove the power plug from the power cord so that there would be no power exchange. Firstly open the oven door and remove the racks inside it. Keep them aside. At the bottom, you will find...
Oven Replacement Parts
What is Best place to purchase Oven Replacement Parts?It is not that easy to find replacement parts often for any kitchen equipment. The struggle behind finding the correct piece for the oven is a bit complicated. Without any hassle finding...
Electrical Heater
Electric heaters are used to heat the water for various purposes. In electric heaters, there will be a heating element called Nichrome.
Oven Knob
What is the use of knobs? Knobs are mechanical components that enable for the effective tightening and loosening of screws. With the use of knobs, you may regulate the oven's temperature. Do you already own an oven and your oven knobs giving ...
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Ice Machine Parts
Where can I Buy Ice Machine Spare Parts and Accessories?
Setting up a kitchen in your restaurant is a dream come true. We grow up in homes where we learn to cook and serve on stoves. We choose refrigerators that specifically for our family’s needs. In a restaurant, you would want to recreate the same warmth of home for hundreds of people every day without knowing them very well.
What are the Components of an Ice Machine?
An ice machine is a device that produces and stores ice. It is used by people who wish to have cold drinks or food at home, or by those who wish to have cold storage for their Refrigerators Parts. ParstFe is your one stop solution for Manitowoc, Scotsman...
Ice Machine Parts & Accessories
Inspect your ice maker's shut-off arm, inspect the valve of the supply, check the water supply line, test the shutoff switch, check the freezer temperature, inspect the ejector gear, test the ejector motor, test the ice mold heater.
How to Replace an Inline Water Filter from an Ice Maker?
To change the ice maker water filter, first open the panel that is visible at top of the icemaker. Rotate the water filter and pull it outside. Make sure to clean it every 5-6 months for better maintenance.
How Do You Replace a Refrigerator Defrost Timer?
When you feel the cooling is not enough in your fridge though you have set the correct timer for required cooling it is time to change your fridge timer. It is easy and all you will need is a putty knife, a quarter-inch nut driver, a small flat blade screwdriver, and also a pair of needle-nose pliers.
Ice Machine Compressor
How to Replace KitchenAid Compressor in an Ice Machine? Before you replace the kitchen aid ice machine compressor ensure to unplug the ice machine so that there will be no current flow to the machine. Move your appliance away from the wall as we need...
How to Replace Water Inlet Valve in Ice Machine?
If your ice machine is not filling the water to the level you needed then the water inlet valve should be replaced. The water inlet valve controls the flow of water in the ice maker. You might need 20 minutes of your time to complete this process if you are replacing a water inlet valve.
How to Replace Evaporator Fan Motor in Ice Machine?
The refrigerator will not cool properly if the evaporator fan doesn't work or the motor breaks. As the air acts as the main source of cooling, it spreads the cool breeze. If the fan motor doesn't run when it is activated, you need to replace it.
How To Change a Refrigerator Air Filter?
Air Filters are used in refrigerators to remove any kind of bad odors that comes in the fridge. It is highly recommended to change the air filter every six months. With the new technology in the refrigerator systems, there is a screen with multiple options displaying temperatures, and other smart features.
What Is a Water Probe on an Ice Machine?
A water probe is one of the common parts of the ice machine. It helps probe to work by sensing the water in the trough and then signaling the control board. When the ice maker is filled with water it will reach the probe level, then automatically the signal will shut the water inlet valve.
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Plumbing Parts
How to find the right type of plumbing fittings and fixtures?
When you are running a restaurant or if you are a homemaker, you can often find issues with taps. A minimal plumbing knowledge is always good to know. I shall make it much simpler for you. There are many different sizes, materials, and different types that should be considered.
Plumbing in Commercial Restaurants Vs Residential Kitchens?
Each mechanism is built in a different way. Commercial Kitchens are always different from residential kitchens as commercial kitchens should be built in a large way. Restaurant kitchens are generally stated as commercial kitchens, as they need heavy equipment to set up and large space as well. Residential kitchens are the ones that are in houses.
FAQ'S About Plumbing Parts and Accessories
Drain parts, breaker parts, safety valve, faucet parts, bearing parts, hinge Parts, fittings, adapter, spindle, nuts & screw, strainer, washer, connector, foot, spring, plate, o-ring, cover, bushing, shaft, solenoid valve, door, roller, casting, coupling, and dial are the main parts of a plumbing system.
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Griddle Parts
What is the Best Electric Griddle?
Electric Griddle is electronic equipment that uses an electric element as its heat source. It has a large cooking surface often made up of nonstick material. Electric Griddle has a surface which you do not find in the regular stovetop cookware.
What are the Steps to Follow While Buying New Grill?
Having a grill is always a good option in your kitchen. Wondering what are the best features and priority ones to look for? We are here to help you with that information. It is not necessary that you should have this quality but these are the best preferences to have in it.
FAQs about Griddle Parts
Why does my gas grill create a popping noise? When the grill becomes dirty, then burner holes block. Blocked burner holes create a popping noise in the grill. {{widget type="Magento\CatalogWidget\Block\Product\ProductsList" title="Griddle parts" ...
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Dishwasher parts
Dishwasher Cleaning
The dishwasher is used for cleaning the utensils or vessels which we use for cooking. It is one of the most useful pieces of commercial kitchen quipment. The dishwasher also needs to be cleaned once the dishwasher cleans all the utensils. Maintaining it hygienically is also important. There is no self-cleaning option for the dishwasher. If we do not clean it regularly, the food residues will stick to the walls and starts to stink. Proper cleaning is required for maximum performance of the equipment. It is always good to clean your dishwasher on regular basis. Remove the food residues daily, weekly once remove the gas filter and clean it, clean the doors and gasket of the dishwasher. Every month clean the interiors if needed exteriors as well.
FAQs about Dishwasher Parts
When you put dirty plates with food particles, there are chances of food particles may create a clog in the dishwasher drain hose. So, remove the particles on the dirty plates. It is good for your dishwasher's long life.
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How do you change an inline ice maker water filter?
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Southbend Troubleshooting- Convention Oven
On a global scale, the majority of chefs and industry professionals suggest Southbend commercial kitchen products. Because of their continual equipment innovations in energy efficiency, cooking speed, automation, and safety. Since 1898, Southbend has been a recognized global leader in heavy-duty, commercial cooking equipment.
Scotsman Ice Machine Installing and Troubleshooting Guide
Scotsman ice machines are a widely used and essential piece of equipment in various industries, including hospitality, healthcare, and food and beverage. They are designed to produce high-quality ice in large quantities, making them a crucial component in many businesses.
Commercial Ice Machine Troubleshooting Tips & Solutions
Ice machines are a common household appliance found in homes, restaurants, and bars. But as important as this appliance is, there are many common problems that occur with it. PartsFe is a one-stop solution for all your kitchen appliance replacement parts and accessories from a wide range of well-known brands. This store offers you the option to buy individual parts or to buy complete accessories for your appliances.
Blodgett Convection Oven Troubleshooting Tips & Solutions
Blodgett is one of the top oven manufacturers in the foodservice sector. They produce a huge selection of models that can quickly prepare all the special entrees, sides, and appetizers that make your restaurant a destination site. It could be detrimental to your business if your equipment ever begins to malfunction.
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