Thermostat Knob For Hatco - Part#

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Thermostat Knob
Manufacturer Name: Hatco
Product Number:
OEM Part Number:
Product Description: Indicator, 11/16" Dia ;3/16 D-Stem Flat Down/Right (135 Degrees);Hatco Food Warmer Gr2s-24, Gr2s-30, Gr2s-36, Gr2s-42,;Gr2s-48, Gr2s-54, Gr2s-60, Gr2s-66, Gr2s-72, Grcslh-24,;Grpws-2418D, Grpws-2418Q, Grpws-2418T, Grpws-2424D,;Grpws-2424Q, Grpws-2424T, Grpws-3618D, Grpws-3618Q,;Grpws-3618T, Grpws-3624D, Grpws-3624Q, Grpws-3624T,;Grpws-4818D, Grpws-4818Q, Grpws-4818T, Grpws-4824D,;Grpws-4824Q, Grpws-4824T, Grs-18, Grs-24, Grs-30, Grs-36,;Grs-42, Grs-48, Grs-54, Grs-60, Grs-66, Grs-72, Grsb-18,;Grsb-24, Grsb-30, Grsb-36, Grsb-42, Grsb-48, Grsb-54,;Grsb-60, Grsb-66, Grsb-72, Grsbf-18, Grsbf-24, Grsbf-30,;Grsbf-36, Grsbf-42, Grsbf-48, Grsbf-54, Grsbf-60, Grsbf-66,;Grsbf-72
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