How to Replace Evaporator Fan Motor in Ice Machine?

How to Replace Evaporator Fan Motor in Ice Machine_PartsFe

The Evaporator fan motor blows the air all over the evaporator coils and also through the refrigerator for cooling purposes. And it removes the heat in the circulating air. Commercial refrigeration applications use evaporator fan motors. Industrial refrigerator fan motors typically have one speed and are fractional horsepower in size and they move air across the evaporator coil. 

Where is the evaporator fan motor ‌in the freezer or refrigerator?

The evaporator fan motor is ‌at the back of the refrigerator or freezer, where a panel appears in the front. You need to remove the panel to check out the evaporator fan motor. To get through the panel, you need to remove all the shelves or racks that are placed inside the fridge.

Now remove the shield and keep it aside from the freezer, in a safe place. You can find the Evaporator Fan right in front of you. Now, push the locking tabs and remove them slowly. Pull out the fan blade from the motor shaft. Now lift the 2 locking tabs on the fan motor, rotate the motor retainer in the clockwise direction, and remove it. Lift the motor from the mounting bracket. Now place the new motor in the same place, and put back the fan on top of it.

Signs of bad fan motor:

  • The refrigerator is on, but the fan won't turn on.
  • After turning off the refrigerator, the fan continues to run.
  • The fan is turned on but spinning extremely slowly.
  • The fan only seldom runs.
  • When the fan is on, the condenser unit makes a rattling or buzzing sound.

How do you test a refrigerator evaporator fan motor?

To test the evaporator fan motor, you need to remove the Evaporator fan motor from the refrigerator and place it aside. To remove it follow the above steps that are mentioned in this blog. There will be two wires connected to the motor. You need to check those two wires.

You need an OHM meter to perform this test. Put your needle on the OHM symbol. There are two tongs given to the meter, placed on the wires. If you receive the result as 97 ohms, then it is working and in a good condition. You can recheck it to confirm the correct results. If the readings are less than 97, it is not working properly and needs a replacement.

If the evaporator fan malfunctions or the motor fails, the refrigerator won't chill effectively. The cool breeze is dispersed by the air, which serves as the primary source of cooling. You must replace the fan motor if it is broken or not operating properly.

Fan motor replacement steps:

  • To replace it, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet so that there would be no electricity passage while working. Though switching off might be easy, it is always better to unplug the cord. 
  • Remove the trays or shelves that are ‌in the freezer to comfortably reach the insides of the fridge. 
  • They can be fixed back with little effort. 
  • You can see the back of the freezer, which can be easily removed. Remove the mounting screws that are fixed at the corners of the evaporator cover using a screwdriver. 
  • Pull it from a top-down direction. If any wires are connected, gently disconnect them and place them aside. 
  • Also, disconnect the green ground wire and the ice maker.
  • Now remove the shield and keep it aside from the freezer, in a safe place. 
  • You can find the Evaporator Fan right in front of you. 
  • Now, push the locking tabs and remove them slowly. 
  • Pull out the fan blade from the motor shaft. 
  • Now lift the 2 locking tabs on the fan motor, rotate the motor retainer in the clockwise direction, and remove it. 
  • Lift the motor from the mounting bracket. 
  • Now place the new motor in the same place, and put back the fan on top of it.
  • Now fix everything back that you have removed. 
  • Ensure to do the same way and fix the screws correctly. 
  • Attach all the wire harnesses to the shield and place. 
  • Place your racks back in place. 
  • Plugin the cord to the wall outlet and switch it on and check if it is working or not. 


Only perform the process if you have a thorough knowledge and reach out to the ‌technician. Do you have issues with the evaporator fan motor? PartsFe provides all the spare parts for your refrigerator or other cooking equipment. Below are a few evaporator fan motor parts links for your reference.

1) Evaporator Fan Motor- 115V For Master-Bilt

Manufacturer Name: Master-Bilt

Product Number: 1300685

OEM Part Number: 1300685

Product Description: 50/60Hz, 1300/1550 Rpm,.7A

Similar Models:13-00685 - Master-Bilt, 1313445 - Master-Bilt, 13-13445 - Master-Bilt, MB13-00685 - Master-Bilt, MB13-13445 - Master-Bilt






2) Fan Motor - Evaporator For Beverage Air

Manufacturer Name: Beverage Air

Product Number: 501-145B

OEM Part Number: 501-145B

Product Description: Evaporator Fan Motor, 120V, 60Hz, Low Temp.; Beverage Air Cfg24, Cfg36, Cfg48, Cfg74, Crg24, Crg36; Crg48, Crg74, Kf24, Kf36, Kf48, Kf74, Kr24, Kr36, Kr48, Kr74

Similar Models: NONE






3) Motor, Evaporator Fan 208V, Case For Bohn

Manufacturer Name: Bohn

Product Number: 74300201

OEM Part Number: 74300201

Product Description: Color: Black; Material: Steel; Weight: 3.85 Lb; Length: 3" | 76 Mm; Width: 3 1/4" | 83 Mm; Voltage: 208/230 V Ac; Amp: 1.0/.84; Phase: 1; Revolutions Per Minute: 1550; Type: 9 1/2" Cord And 2 3/8" Shaft; Rotation: Clockwise From Shaft End.

Similar Models: 25309801S - Bohn, 25300201 - Heatcraft, 02780 - International-Cold-Storage, 2780 - International-Cold-Storage, ICS02780 - International-Cold-Storage, ICS2780 - International-Cold-Storage






 4) Motor, Evaporator - 115V For True

Manufacturer Name: True

Product Number: 800401

OEM Part Number: 800401

Product Description: Evaporator Motor, 115V, 9W, Ccw;True Gdm-33, Gdm-47, T-23-2, T-24-Gc, T-36-Gc, T-49;Tbb-24-48, Tbb-4, Td-50-18

Similar Models:E800401 - True






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