FAQs about Fryer Parts

What are fryer equipment parts are essential in a restaurant kitchen?

Fryer baskets, control boards, screen filters, temperature control, thermocouple, conversion kit, and temperature control are the main categories of essential fryer parts and accessories. You can explore all top brands of fryer parts and accessories at PartsFe. Just search fryer parts in the search box to see prices, warranties, specifications, and more.

How to clean fryer equipment parts?

Remove grease or oil from the interior and exterior of the basket with the help of a paper towel. Put your basket in warm water for 15-30 minutes. After that, clean the basket with the help of a sponge and soap. Dry the basket and make sure it is completely dry. Cleaning is very important for any fryer equipment. 

What are the safety rules for fryer equipment parts?

Follow some safety rules for your, your employer, and equipment safety. Replace the frying oil on a regular basis, maintain the oil temperature uniform, do not overstuff the deep fryer, wear aprons, kitchen-safe gear/uniforms, check strictly deep fryer are the safety rules for fryer equipment parts. 

What are the top brands of fryer equipment?

There are many manufacturers in the restaurant equipment manufacturing industry. PartsFe distributes restaurant kitchen equipment parts from mostly all top brands. Fryermaster, Cleveland, Henny Penny, Lincoln, Groen, Pitco, Star, and more are the top brands of fryer equipment manufacturers. You can buy all types of fryer parts and accessories at the PartsFe platform.  

How to claim a warranty if my Fryermaster equipment is damaged?

When you buy any Fryermaster equipment or accessories, check the warranty of the product. Keep that warranty certificate with you up to the warranty expiry date. Send an email to [email protected] for questions about warranty or replacement. 

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