Oven Knob

Oven knob replacement

What is the use of knobs?

Knobs are mechanical components that enable for the effective tightening and loosening of screws. With the use of knobs, you may regulate the oven's temperature. Do you already own an oven and your oven knobs giving you trouble? Then you will find this information beneficial. PartsFe offers parts for all kinds of kitchen appliances and information regarding those parts.

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What are some popular types of knobs?

Ball: Ball knobs are made ‌of a circular ball that you can hold to open or move the device to which they are attached. They are employed in applications involving up-and-down or side-to-side motions.

Push-Pull: A push-pull knob is one that needs pushing or pulling to operate. They are often made of stainless steel or high-quality plastic that has a glossy coating applied to them. This manner of action defines push-pull knobs and defines these from other kinds of knobs.

Prong: Prong knob is devoid of both a round gripping handle and a lever gripping handle. It has higher torque than other types of knobs because of its pronged construction.

Knurled Rim: The textured or "knurled" handle of knurled rim knobs provide more traction than other types of knobs. There are many sizes available for rim knobs with knurling.

T-Handle: A T-handle knob has a long, straight handle for holding things. They provide a lot of torque, similar to pronged knobs. These types of T-handle knobs are frequently used in tightening and fastening applications.

How to replace the oven knob?

Required tools: 

Kitchen sponge, pliers, a new oven knob part, and penetrating lubricant.

Follow the below steps to replace your oven knob:

  • Switch off the oven and cut off the power. Wait for the oven to cool.
  • On some ovens, friction holds the knobs in place on a D-shaped shaft. If there are any seals, keep them behind the knobs.
  • If there is a layer of grease on the knob that makes it difficult to remove, spray some penetrating lubricant on it. 
  • If a knob is challenging to remove, use the pliers.
  • Make sure your replacement oven knob part’s specifications are identical to those of your original oven knobs. PartsFe has a large collection of oven knobs with all types of specifications. 
  • To clean the shafts and control panel, use a soft cloth or kitchen sponge moistened with window cleaner.
  • Align the knobs' D-shaped holes with the shafts' D-shaped grooves. Push the new knobs firmly onto the shafts until they stop moving. 
  • Turn the oven on and off to ensure proper performance.

Why are the knobs on my oven hot?

  • Side effects of excessive use
  • Some manufacturers purposefully place vents on the front of their ovens
  • The oven door wasn't properly closed
  • A faulty door hinge might cause your oven control panel to heat up in addition to worn-out door seals

How do you read oven knobs?

Oven knob temperature dials vary depending on the manufacturer. In ovens, heating units are shown in degree to the highest, middle, and lowest heat.

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