Foods to Cook in Rotating Basket

Foods to Cook in Rotating Basket

What foods to cook in the rotating basket of an air fryer?

An air fryer is the new electronic equipment that has been very trending in today’s market. Every one of us loves fried food, the taste cannot be replaced by anything but then who loves oil when it sticks to your hands? Deeply fried foods in the oil can cause health problems. Many of us love to have deep-fried foods but due to the post-health effects of consuming more oil, we are trying to stay away from deep-fried food. No more staying away from the craving and being unsatisfied. Here comes Air Fryer in the market which is trending with its fashion. An air fryer doesn't need more oil and it does the job with limited oil. Not all types of food need oil to be fried using an air fryer.

Air fryers are the new trend and here are some foods that can be cooked in the air fryer:

  • Meat Dishes
  • Vegetables
  • Baked food
  • Frozen foods
  • Roasted nuts
  • Potatoes
  • Fish and seafood
  • Baked meals
  • Deserts

In an oven, the food will be rotated continuously and cooked evenly. In the same way, the fryer should be rotated so the food will be evenly cooked and doesn’t remain uncooked in a few parts. Rotating baskets have higher benefits rather than normal baskets which are used for frying.

How do you take an air fryer basket out?

Nothing should be placed on the top of the air fryer, as it will not allow the air to flow. This may obstruct the fryer to cook the food properly. An air fryer is not a deep fryer and only a bit of oil gives the glaze to food. To remove the air fryer first ensure it is unplugged. Beware of the hot steam that will be released post-cooking. When separating the inner basket from the outer basket, keep the basket on a flat surface. An air fryer is like a conventional oven and makes sure it is always cleaned properly. 

How full can you fill a fryer basket?

It is highly suggestible only to half-fill the air fryer basket so that all the food can be cooked. But we should also know that even though an air fryer basket can get loaded to the full with food items, the air fryer will not cook them at a fast pace. It is better to cook the food half first and cook the second half to get the exact taste of the crispiness or the original taste of the fried food.

While you are trying to cook meat, it is highly recommended only to fill the tray in half. A sufficient food where only two people can have it. Cooking the other half in the next turn will help you to cook well and taste better. Air fryers generally come with small baskets. They are not at all large. Half-filled fryers will have the best taste, and better-cooked food, the oil, and spices will be absorbed well into the food.

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