What are the Types of Deep Fryer Baskets

Types of Deep Fryer Baskets

This article discusses the three types of deep fryer baskets that are available. Make sure to contact PartsFe for all your fryer parts and accessories needs.

1) Standard Deep Fryer Basket

This type of standard deep Fryer Basket is very common in homes, restaurants, fast food establishments, etc., due to its affordable price range. It is made of wire mesh material and has a long handle that makes it easy to use. The standard deep fryer basket is ideal for frying fish, chicken, onion rings, French fries, etc.

2) Tilted Deep Fryer Basket

The tilted deep fryer basket is designed to allow the oil to drain away from the food, which helps to reduce the amount of oil that is absorbed. This type of basket is ideal for cooking food that is delicate, such as shrimp or hush puppies.

3) Spider Deep Fryer Basket

The spider Deep Fryer Basket is a specialty basket that has legs that spread out, which allows it to hold more food than the standard and tilted baskets. This type of basket is ideal for cooking larger items, such as a chicken or a turkey.

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