Thermostat For Frymaster - Part# 8262013

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  • Weight: 0.134 lbs
Manufacturer Name: Frymaster
Product Number: 8262013
OEM Part Number: 8262013
Product Description: A mechanical thermostat used in a Frymaster, which is a commercial fryer typically used in restaurants and food service establishments, has several key features designed to control the temperature of the fryer's cooking oil.  The thermostat has a control dial that allows the operator to monitor the cooking temperature. This dial usually has temperature markings and provides a user-friendly interface. The thermostat contains a temperature-sensing element, a bi-metallic coil that detects the temperature inside the fryer and triggers the necessary adjustments to maintain the set temperature. The Frymaster thermostat is housed in a protective casing to ensure durability and prevent damage from external factors such as moisture, grease, or physical impacts. The thermostat often features an indicator or pointer to show the set temperature the user selects on the control dial. This provides a visual reference for the monitoring of temperature. A simple on/off switch is usually present to engage or disengage the thermostat's control over the heating element. Thermostat Parts, 8262013 Frymaster Thermostat Kits may incorporate safety features such as an over-temperature cutoff to prevent the oil from reaching dangerously high temperatures, ensuring safe operation. The thermostat parts or components are designed to withstand high temperatures and exposure to hot oil to ensure longevity and reliability in a commercial frying environment. 

Key features offered by the Thermostat Parts, 8262013 Frymaster Thermostat Kit are:

  • Shows the selected temperature.
  • Measures fryer temperature.
  • Allows users to set desired cooking temperature.
  • Protects internal components.
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Customer Questions
Do I need to calibrate the thermostat regularly?

Calibration may be necessary if you notice temperature inaccuracies. Refer to your user manual for instructions on how to calibrate, or seek professional assistance.

Is it normal for the thermostat to make a clicking sound when it turns on and off?

Yes, the clicking sound is the thermostat's internal switch engaging and disengaging to maintain the set temperature. It's a normal operation sound.


Can I use the thermostat for other cooking applications besides frying?

This thermostat is primarily designed for frying. While it may work for some other applications, it’s best suited for maintaining oil temperature.

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