American Range A50400 Thermostat RX, 3/8 X 5, 36

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Thermostat Rx, 3/8 X 5, 36


  • Weight: 0.672 lbs
Manufacturer Name: American Range
Product Number: A50400
OEM Part Number: A50400

Product Description Of American Range A50400 Thermostat:

The mechanical thermostat used in ovens and ranges is a crucial component responsible for regulating and maintaining the temperature inside the appliance. Equipped with a temperature control dial that allows users to set the desired cooking or baking temperature. Utilizes a bimetallic coil sensor that expands or contracts in response to temperature changes. This mechanical element is fundamental to the thermostat's operation. The thermostat offers temperature calibration adjustments to ensure the displayed temperature matches the actual temperature inside the oven or range. Built with durable materials that can withstand the heat generated during cooking and baking processes. Engineered to provide accurate temperature control, ensuring that the oven or range maintains the desired cooking temperature consistently. The bi-metallic strip serves as a switching mechanism, activating or deactivating the heating elements based on temperature fluctuations. Designed with a user-friendly interface, making it intuitive for users to set and adjust cooking temperatures as needed. Compatible with a variety of oven and range models, offering versatility for different kitchen setups. Known for its reliability, the mechanical thermostat has been a staple in oven and range temperature control for many years. Mechanical thermostats are often more budget-friendly compared to their electronic counterparts, providing a cost-effective temperature control solution. Allows for manual on/off functionality, providing users with direct control over the heating elements based on their cooking requirements. Unlike electronic thermostats, mechanical thermostats do not rely on electrical power for basic temperature control functions, ensuring continued operation even during power outages.

Key traits of the mechanical thermostat from American Range for ovens and range are:

  • Built with materials that withstand the heat generated during cooking.
  • Utilizes a responsive bimetallic coil that expands or contracts with temperature changes.
  • Cost-effective compared to electronic thermostats.
  • Allows for manual control over heating elements based on cooking requirements.

The mechanical thermostat in ovens and ranges combines simplicity with effectiveness, offering reliable temperature control through a user-friendly dial and a robust bi-metallic coil sensor.

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Customer Questions
How durable is the mechanical thermostat, and does it withstand high temperatures during cooking?

The mechanical thermostat is constructed with durable materials capable of withstanding the heat generated during cooking processes, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

Is the mechanical thermostat compatible with all oven and range models?

Mechanical thermostats are designed for versatility and are generally compatible with various oven and range models. However, it's advisable to check product specifications for specific compatibility.

How often should the mechanical thermostat be replaced for optimal performance?

The frequency of replacement may vary based on usage and environmental conditions. Regular visual checks for wear and tear can guide replacement intervals.

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