Perlick 63716-1 125/130V E14 Light Bulb

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125/130V E14 Light Bulb


  • Weight: 0.25 lbs
Manufacturer Name: Perlick
Product Number: 63716-1
OEM Part Number: 63716-1

Product Description Of Perlick 63716-1 Light Bulb:

Light bulbs used in refrigerators have specific features tailored to the unique environment inside these appliances. Refrigerator light bulbs are designed to be compact to fit within the limited space of the refrigerator. Emit minimal heat to prevent unnecessary warming of the refrigerator's interior, ensuring efficient cooling. Engineered to function optimally in the lower temperatures found in refrigerators, maintaining brightness and performance. The 63716-1 Perlick 125/130v E14 Light Bulb built to withstand the vibrations and movements associated with opening and closing refrigerator doors without compromising their lifespan. Typically use energy-efficient technologies to minimize power consumption, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the refrigerator. Designed for a long operational life to reduce the frequency of replacements, considering the limited accessibility of the bulb within the refrigerator. Provide instant illumination when the refrigerator door is opened, allowing users to quickly locate items without delays. Engineered to work seamlessly with refrigerator control systems, ensuring proper functioning and synchronization with door switches. Designed to operate without flickering, providing stable and consistent light when the refrigerator is in use. Made from materials that are resistant to temperature extremes and moisture, ensuring durability and preventing premature failure. The 63716-1 Perlick 125/130v E14 Light Bulb color temperature is often chosen to provide a clear and natural illumination inside the refrigerator, making it easy to distinguish between food items. Designed for easy replacement, allowing users to change the bulb without the need for specialized tools or technical expertise. Constructed to resist the effects of condensation that may occur inside the refrigerator, preventing damage to the bulb.

Key aspects of the Perlick light bulbs used in refrigerators are:

  • Designed for 125/130V, ensuring compatibility with the electrical system of refrigerators.
  • Features an E14 base, which is a small Edison screw base commonly used in appliances.
  • Emits minimal heat to prevent unnecessary warming of the refrigerator's interior.
  • Provides instant and reliable illumination when the refrigerator door is opened.

The 125/130V E14 Light Bulb used in refrigerators serves the primary purpose of illuminating the refrigerator's interior when the door is opened, allowing users to easily locate and access food items.

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Customer Questions
Is the E14 base of this light bulb a standard size for most refrigerators, or are there variations in base sizes?

The E14 base is a standard size commonly used in refrigerators. However, it's advisable to check your refrigerator's manual for any specific base size requirements.

Does the 125/130V E14 Light Bulb emit any heat during operation, and is it safe for food items placed in close proximity?

The bulb is designed to emit minimal heat, making it safe for use in close proximity to food items in refrigerators. It's engineered to provide illumination without affecting the temperature inside the fridge.

Can I use a higher wattage bulb with the E14 base if I prefer a brighter light in my refrigerator, or does it pose a risk to the appliance?

 It's essential to use bulbs within the specified wattage range to prevent overheating and potential damage to the refrigerator. Using a higher wattage bulb is not recommended.

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