Henny Penny 69289 Assembly-Filter Union

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Assy-Filter Union


  • Length: 3 In
  • Width: 2 In
  • Height: 2 In
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs

Product Notes

  • Filter Union Assembly,
  • Lower Filter Plumbing Components (Gas And Electric Models)
  • Henny Penny Fryer Cfa-500, Cfa-600, Oe-100, Oe-301, Oe-302,
  • Oe-303, Oe-30X, Oea-341, Oea-342, Ofe-101,
  • Ofe-142, Ofe-290,
  • Ofe-291, Ofe-321, Ofe-322, Ofe-323, Ofe-341, Ofe-342,
  • Ofg-321, Ofg-322, Ofg-323, Ofg-341, Ofg-342, Ofg-390,
  • Ofg-391, Og-301, Og-302, Og-303, Og-30X, Oga-341, Oga-342,
  • Pf-180, Pfe-500, Pfe-520, Pfe-561, Pfe-590, Pfe-591,
  • Pfe-592, Pfe-600, Pfg-500, Pfg-561, Pfg-600, Pfg-690,
  • Pfg-691
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