How Do You Replace a Refrigerator Defrost Timer?

How Do You Replace a Refrigerator Defrost Timer_PartsFe

When you feel the cooling is not enough in your fridge though you have set the correct timer for required cooling it is time to change your fridge timer. It is easy and all you will need is a putty knife, a quarter-inch nut driver, a small flat blade screwdriver, and also a pair of needle-nose pliers. 

Initially remove all the ingredients in the fridge, In shorter words, empty your fridge. Remove the top shelves, if you can handle it. Unplug the refrigerator so that no current flow will be there. It is very important to remove the plug rather than switch it off. There will be shell-like things to remove where the timer is located. Hold it tight and pull the shield in your convenient direction.

Place your screws carefully. Keep an identity to them as you need to refix them. Keep the removed shield aside. Then you shall find the cover for the air deflector at the back. Its material of it is plastic. Where you can tilt and pull them down. Keep it aside. Now remove the ribbon cable that goes to the control at the back. Ensure you will not slant but you can just roll it off. Let it hang in there.

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Now we shall disengage both the sides using a putty knife carefully and open the leftover shelled. It might be very tight so put equal pressure with your hands and gently remove it. Make sure you do not damage any tabs as it should be refixed back. If any wires are connected check them carefully and remove the connections. Now this will give access to the defrost timer which is mounted inside it.

Using the flat blade screwdriver you can remove the connector away from the timer. Remove the two quarter-inch hex head screws that are in front of you. Once the screws are removed, lift the timer from the back and place it aside. Take the new Fridge Timer which you already have and place it in the same appropriate position. (Face the male terminals towards the harness). Fix the screws and turn them and reconnect. Place them back in the same way back to the refrigerator the way you have removed each one.

Make sure you have fixed the screws correctly. Also, check nothing is left out without fixing. After fixing everything plug it in and switch it on. Check whether the defrost timer is working properly. 

Caution: Do it only if you are confident enough and also if you have all the tools that are mentioned above. 

Where is the fridge timer located?

For every fridge, the timer is located in various places. It completely depends on the model and the manufacturer. But the timer will be clearly visible to us. Either outside or inside. For example, in the Whirlpool refrigerator, the timer is fixed on the left-hand side rack. Once you look at the fridge you can see the timer without opening.

Another brand like Samsung, it is located inside the fridge. As you open the fridge you can see it only if there are no bowls or other stuff placed on the racks. While cleaning the fridge, the outer part of the timer can also be cleaned if any dust or fungus is formed. Every fridge will have a timer but the location of the timer will change depending on the manufacturer. Are you looking for Ice machine Timers? PartsFe is the place for your requirements.

How does the refrigerator defrost timer work and its essentials?

The timer has four pins that are named from one to four. Each pin has its own importance and functions. The first pin is used to input the main power. The second pin is used for defrost mode. The pin 1 will connect to pin 2 which will activate the defrost mode. The third pin is used as a neutral wire. It is different compared to the other three pins.  Pin four will activate the compressor and fan. 

Once the timer will pass 30 minutes, the compressor and fan will turn on. Then you will know that the defrost timer is working. If you measure the voltage on pin 4 when the timer is not in defrost mode. 

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