How to Replace an Inline Water Filter from an Ice Maker?

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To change the ice maker water filter, first open the panel that is visible at top of the icemaker. Rotate the water filter and pull it outside. Make sure to clean it every 5-6 months for better maintenance. If you have replaced any of the new water filters make sure there are no cracks on them. Also, check the product twice as it's the new one. It has a protective cap on the top and inspects the top layer properly as it should not have any damage.

After inspecting the water filter, replace it in the same way. Turn it clockwise until it's locked. If there are any damages found you can replace it and it is very simple to change the water filter as it doesn't need any highly trained technicians. The water filter is a simple part which is easy to change. No screwdrivers or equipment is required to change the inline ice maker water filter.

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Does water filter affect ice maker?

If the ice maker is not working properly there can be several reasons for it. If a water filter has some clogs either fully or partially can cause many issues in the water filter. If any such clogs happen, the water flow will be slow or else there would be no water flow to the dispenser. It is always recommended to change your filter every six months to avoid such problems.

If you are not sure whether it is clogged or not, you need to remove the filter and check for any cracks or damage. Keep a regular check on the water flow to the dispenser. If any issues occur it is high time to replace the water filter. If the water filter is in warranty then please do check for a free replacement.

Sometimes replacing the water filter for every six months may not be enough. There can be more frequent times in changing the water filter in some cases. When the water is clogged more, or your running water is more hard, then there are high chances of replacing the water filter more. 

Check whether your ice maker is plugged in properly or not. Sometimes we do not insert the plug properly. Check your power cord, so that there are no power fluctuations or any voltage issues. Keep a regular check on the water supply and whether sufficient water is going to the water filter to prepare ice or not.

Here are the four product examples that you can look at:

1) CARTRIDGE, FILTER -IM600 for Multiplex - Part# 108-010-S

It is one of the most famous types of the water filters and the most trusted one. The manufacturer of this filter is Multiplex, which always provides the best quality in the market.

The product has a certain description.

  • Smf Im600 Ice Filtration Cartridge
  • Ice Machine Filter For Ice Cubers: Capacity 75,000 Gallons;Flow Rate 7 Gpm;Min / Max Pressure 40-125 Psi;Temp Range 40-100 F
  • For Scale Inhibition And Sediment Reduction: Nsf / Ansi Std 60
  • If warewashing cartridge needed to use: 150,000 Gal # 76-1168;Smf-614.

There are even similar models like 108-010S such as Selecto-Scientific.

Dimensions are very important when you are purchasing the water filter. The length is 15in/38.1cm, and the width would be 8in/20.32cm. The Height is 8in/20.32cm and the weight: is 8.45lbs/3832.85g. The cost range would be around $260. Same-day shipping is provided with us. We can ensure the best quality and reasonable price. Also 24/7 customer service. 

2) CARTRIDGE, COLD, CERAMA, LEADFREE for T&S Brass - Part# 011277-45

CARTRIDGE, COLD, CERAMA, LEADFREE: This part is used in the ice machine and to replace the water filter. The manufacturer of this product is T & S Brass. The product number is 011277-45. The OEM Part number is 011277. The product description is Lead-Free Y. The similar models are 11277 - 45 - T & S Brass, and TS11277- 45 - T&S Brass.
The dimensions of this water filter are length comes in 3.25in/ 8.26cm. Whereas width is 1n/2.54cm, Height is 0.5in/ 1.27cm. The weight would be approx 0.23lbs/104.33g.

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3) CARTRIDGE,WTR FLT, EQHPTEACRTG for Bunn - Part# 39000.1007

CARTRIDGE,WTR FLT, EQHPTEACRTG for Bunn: This is one of the model in the water filters which is manufactured by Bunn. The product number is 39000.1007 and the OEM part number also would be the same 39000.1007.
The Product Description includes Temperature Range: 100 F Max ;Pounds Per Square Inch: 125 Max.
Also we have similar models like
39000-1007 - Bunn
BU39000.1007 - Bunn
BU39000-1007 - Bunn
The dimensions of this product are : The Length is 28in/71.12cm,
The Width would be 5in/12.7cm and Height is 5in/12.7cm and the Weight 1lbs/453.59g.

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4. Catridge water filter - T9 for Everpure Part#EV963001 :

This is another product in the ice machine water filter. Manufacturer of this product is Everpure, one of the famous manufacturer in the market. The product number and the OEM number is EV963001. 

The product description is mentioned in the website as For T-9 Pm Heads;The 959-Pm Blue Cartridge Reduces Chlorine Taste And Odors While Filtering Out Dirt And Suspended Matter.;Fast And Clean Cartridge Change, Just Lift Out The Old Cartridge And Replace With A New One.

Capacity: 4,000 Gallons (15,140 L);Maximum Flow: 3 Gpm;Working Pressure: 125 Psi Max. Temp: 100F / 37.8C;Shipping Weight: 5 Lbs (2.4 Kg). 

We also have similar models like 9630-01 - Everpure. The Dimensions of the product are length and comes in 1in/ 2.54 cm. The width is 1in/ 2.54cm. The height of the product is 1in/2.54cm, and the weight of the product is very less compared to other ones 0lbs/0gm. 

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