Bakers Pride M1005X FDTH Gas Thermostat 650°F

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Thermostat, Gas, 650F , Fdth


  • Weight: 2 lbs
Manufacturer Name: Bakers Pride
Product Number: M1005X
OEM Part Number: M1005X

Product Description Of Bakers Pride M1005X Thermostat:

The THERMOSTAT GAS 650F FDTH used in ovens is a specialized thermostat designed to regulate the temperature in commercial-grade ovens. The thermostat allows precise control of the oven temperature up to 650°F (approximately 343°C), ensuring accurate cooking and baking results. Equipped with a high-limit safety feature, the thermostat helps prevent overheating by interrupting gas flow when the temperature exceeds the set limit, enhancing safety in the kitchen. Built with durable materials to withstand high temperatures and regular use, ensuring longevity and reliability in commercial kitchen environments. The thermostat may feature easy calibration mechanisms, allowing for adjustments to maintain accurate temperature readings, critical for consistent cooking performance. Designed to be compatible with various oven models, it provides versatility for different kitchen setups and appliances. The Exact FIT for Bakers Pride M1005X Thermostat may offer a universal mounting design, facilitating straightforward installation in a variety of oven configurations. Equipped with a visible temperature dial or display, allowing users to easily set and monitor the oven temperature for precise cooking control. Designed for responsive temperature changes, ensuring that adjustments made on the thermostat promptly reflect in the oven chamber, contributing to efficient and reliable cooking. Specifically tailored for gas-powered ovens, it provides a reliable and efficient means of controlling the gas flow to maintain the desired cooking temperature. Crafted to meet the demands of commercial kitchens, the thermostat offers robust performance, making it suitable for high-volume cooking and baking applications.

Key traits of the Baker's Pride Thermostat for gas-powered ovens are:

  • Enables precise regulation of oven temperatures up to 650°F for accurate cooking results.
  • Incorporates a high-limit safety feature to prevent overheating and enhance kitchen safety.
  • Designed to be compatible with various oven models, it provides versatility in kitchen setups.
  • Designed for responsive temperature changes, ensuring efficient and reliable cooking.

The Exact FIT for Bakers Pride M1005X Thermostat used in ovens serves as a critical component for temperature regulation, allowing precise control up to 650°F. It ensures consistent and accurate cooking or baking results in commercial ovens, contributing to efficient kitchen operations and the production of high-quality dishes.

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Customer Questions
In what ways does the mechanical gas-powered thermostat enhance safety in commercial kitchens, especially considering the high temperatures involved?

The mechanical thermostat enhances safety by providing stable temperature control and often includes safety features like high limit control. It helps prevent overheating, ensuring a safe cooking environment in high-temperature commercial kitchens.

Can the mechanical gas-powered thermostat be customized for specific cooking requirements or recipes that demand unique temperature settings?

Our mechanical thermostats are designed to respond efficiently to changes. While they provide stable temperature control, sudden fluctuations in the kitchen environment can impact performance. Consider additional insulation measures for extreme conditions.

How does the mechanical thermostat ensure precision in temperature control, especially for recipes requiring exact cooking temperatures?

Our mechanical gas-powered thermostats feature precision engineering to provide accurate temperature control. The mechanical design allows for reliable and stable temperature adjustments, ensuring precise cooking for a variety of recipes.

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