Turbo Air 30283L0100 Thermostat

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  • Weight: 0.25 lbs
Manufacturer Name: Turbo Air
Product Number: 30283L0100
OEM Part Number: 30283L0100

Product Description Of Turbo Air 30283L0100 Thermostat:

A commercial refrigerator thermostat for use in kitchen refrigeration systems typically comes with several features to ensure precise temperature control and efficient operation. Commercial refrigerator thermostats offer a wide range of temperature settings to accommodate various food storage requirements. The range can typically extend from sub-zero temperatures for freezing compartments to positive temperatures for chilled storage. The 30283L0100 Turbo Air Thermostat allows users to set specific temperature points, ensuring that the refrigerator maintains the desired cold storage conditions. This feature is crucial for preserving different types of food at their optimal temperatures. To protect the stored goods, commercial refrigerator thermostats often include temperature alarms. These alarms notify staff if the temperature inside the refrigerator goes above or below the preset thresholds, helping to prevent spoilage. Many commercial refrigerators come equipped with automatic defrost systems. The thermostat regulates the defrost cycles to prevent ice buildup, maintaining the efficiency of the refrigeration system. Some thermostats have energy-saving modes that can be activated during periods of low usage or when the refrigerator is not fully stocked. This feature helps reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Advanced models may offer remote monitoring and control capabilities. This allows kitchen staff or management to check and adjust refrigerator temperatures from a centralized location, enhancing efficiency and minimizing the risk of temperature fluctuations. For refrigeration systems with multiple compartments, the 30283L0100 Turbo Air Thermostat may have the ability to control and monitor the temperature independently in each section. Commercial refrigerator thermostats are designed to meet food safety regulations and standards, ensuring that the stored food remains at safe temperatures to prevent bacterial growth and foodborne illnesses.

Key features of the Turbo air thermostat for kitchen refrigeration systems are:

  • Provides clear, accurate temperature readings for easy monitoring.
  • Allows precise temperature control for different types of food.
  • Regulates automatic defrost cycles to prevent ice buildup.
  • Meets food safety standards to ensure proper storage conditions.

The refrigerator thermostat in commercial kitchens is crucial for maintaining precise temperature control, ensuring food safety, and preventing spoilage. It facilitates energy efficiency, complies with health regulations, and allows for remote monitoring, enhancing overall kitchen operational efficiency.

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Customer Questions
Can this thermostat operate efficiently in environments with high ambient temperatures, such as kitchens with cooking equipment generating heat?

Refrigerator thermostats are designed to operate in varying ambient temperatures. Refer to the product specifications or contact the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with high-temperature environments.

How does this thermostat handle power outages, and does it have any features to prevent temperature fluctuations during such events?

Some thermostats feature power outage recovery mechanisms to minimize temperature fluctuations. Check the product specifications or inquire with the manufacturer for details on power outage handling.

Can this thermostat accommodate multiple refrigeration units in a kitchen setup?

Thermostats support multiple units and may offer centralized control options. Check the product documentation or contact the manufacturer to confirm compatibility with your specific setup.

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