Heating Element -120v/1700w For Carter Hoffmann - Part# 18612-0131

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Heating Element - 120V/1700W


  • Length: 6.75 In
  • Width: 2.5 In
  • Height: 2.5 In
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs

Product Notes

  • Element, Box Air~
  • 120V 1700W~
  • Coiled To 1-13/16" Dia.
  • 6-3/8" Length~
  • Mount Bracket = 2-3/8" X 9-13/16"
  • Fits Carter Hoffmann Models~
  • Hbc10A1Gm, Hbc10A2Gm, Hbc16A1Gm, Hbc16A2Gm, Hbc28A1Gm,
  • Hbc28A2Gm, Hbc36A1Gm, Hbc36A2Gm, Hbf14A1Gm, Hbf14A2Gm,
  • Hbf18A1Gm, Hbf18A2Gm, Hbf5A1Gm, Hbf5A2Gm, Hbf8A1Gm,
  • Hbf8A2Gm, Hbu14A1Gm, Hbu14A2Gm, Hbu18A1Gm, Hbu18A2Gm,
  • Hbu5A1Gm, Hbu5A2Gm, Hbu8A1Gm, Hbu8A2Gm, Hl1-14, Hl1-18,
  • Hl1-5, Hl1-8, Hl2-14, Hl2-18, Hl2-5, Hl2-8, Hl3-14, Hl3-18,
  • Hl3-5, Hl3-8, Hl4-14, Hl4-18, Hl4-5, Hl4-8, Hwc10A1Gm,
  • Hwc10A2Gm, Hwc16A1Gm, Hwc16A2Gm, Hwc28A1Gm, Hwc28A2Gm,
  • Hwc36A1Gm, Hwc36A2Gm, Hwf14A1Gm, Hwf14A2Gm, Hwf18A1Gm,
  • Hwf18A2Gm, Hwf5A1Gm, Hwf5A2Gm, Hwf8A1Gm, Hwf8A2Gm,
  • Hwu14A1Gm, Hwu14A2Gm, Hwu18A1Gm, Hwu18A2Gm, Hwu5A1Gm,
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