How To Change a Refrigerator Air Filter?

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Air Filters are used in refrigerators to remove any kind of bad odors that come into the fridge. Changing the air filter every six months is highly recommended. Let's start by discussing refrigerator air filters.

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A refrigerator is essentially a closed box, so if something inside of it begins to deteriorate, it doesn't take long for smells to spread throughout the room. Due to its positioning in the air channel that circulates throughout the compartment, an air filter cleans more efficiently to reduce odors and keep food crisp fresh.

When Should You Change Your Refrigerator Filter?

With the new technology in the refrigerator systems, there is a screen available with multiple options displaying temperatures and other smart features. There is an option called "Air Filter". If that blinks, that means it's time to replace the filter.

Importance of Air Filters in Refrigerators

An air filter is a piece of equipment made of fibrous or porous materials that removes solid particles from the air, including dust, pollen, mould, and germs.

Odors and gaseous pollutants like volatile organic compounds or ozone may be eliminated by filters that contain an adsorbent or catalyst like charcoal (carbon).

Air filters are employed in situations where air purity is crucial, most notably in engines and building ventilation systems.

It is advised that you replace the fresh air filter about every six months to help keep your refrigerator's odours at bay.

Your control panel's auto mode allows you to switch between two settings for your fresh air filter.

If power mode is selected, the fresh air filter will cycle on and off. When the fresh air filter needs to be changed, a change filter indication will show on your control panel and the fresh air filter will cycle on and off for four hours before automatically switching back to auto mode.

Where is the air filter on your refrigerator?

Locate the air filter on the refrigerator's rear wall; it will have a square or rectangular filter cover with the air filter inside. The air filter is placed in the back centre of the refrigerator, above the top shelf.

The filter cover is fastened to the refrigerator's wall.

The water supply to the refrigerator should be turned off before you begin changing the air filter in it

How to change air filter in lg refrigerator Step-By-Step

Air is filtered inside refrigerators by being circulated via the air filter.

If the replacement air filter symbol on the control panel flashes, the air filter has to be changed. This needs to be done every six months.

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Step 1: Take anything from the top shelf out.

To reach your air filter and have a space to remove and replace your filter, take anything from the top shelf of your refrigerator, including food, beverages, and anything else.

Step 2: Find the air filter on the refrigerator's back wall.

The filter cover on the majority of the refrigerators will either be square or rectangular, and the replacement process is essentially the same for both.

The refrigerator's wall has a hook for the filter cover.

Step 3: Remove the filter cover from the refrigerator's top shelf.

To take off the refrigerator's filter cover:

The tabs that follow the open arrow must be released by turning the filter cover roughly 30 degrees counterclockwise.

Do not be alarmed if you see the wire harness from the filter container; it is entirely natural.

Inside the filter cover is the air filter.

Step 4: Remove the air filter from the cover to do so:

Pull on the filter's centre while pushing one of the enclosure's sides outward.

Before installing the replacement filter, locate the side mark that says "front" and release the filter by pressing the black tabs that surround it outward.

Step5: Install a new air filter in refrigerator.

To install the new air filter:

Install the new filter into the filter cover with a side that says front facing outward. The filter is square so it will fit the opening even if it’s rotated 90 degrees.

Step 6. Replace the filter cover in the refrigerator.

When doing so, the mounting surface's angle must be taken into consideration.

To put the filter cover back on:

Before mounting the cover on the filter mount, rotate it roughly 30 degrees in the opposite direction.

then turn the lid in a clockwise direction until the hooks connect and it clicks into position.

Resetting your refrigerator's panel from the flushing replace filter icon is the last step.

How to reset the air filter light on your Refrigerator?

To reset the filter sensor, press and hold the air filter button next to the air filter indicator on your display panel for three seconds.

The air filter warning light will then stop flashing.

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