Oven Control Board Repair & Replace

Oven Control Board Repair & Replace

Have issues with your oven board? How do you find out that you're having issues with your oven board? If you have the below problems it can be the major cause of the oven board issue. 

  • Having F1 error code
  • When you place food inside the oven, you set a temperature but the food is either not being cooked for that temperature or food is not being heated for that temperature.
  • When trying to turn it off but having issues. Turn-ON/OFF button not used.
  • Any other intermittent error codes getting displayed on the screen.
  • For the minimal temperature, food gets burned. 
  • It makes wired noises. The buzz sounds come out differently. 
  • Having trouble with the lights inside the oven. As they blink sometimes. The clarity of light will disappear. 
  • The oven door will be getting stuck frequently.

If you are facing any of the above issues it is time to change the oven control board. If having all the issues It is time that your oven control board is bad and needs to be replaced.

Either if it is a small issue we can repair it or if needed we can replace it. Repairing or Replacing should be performed only with high knowledge. Any doubtful performance will not work. Please call the nearby technician for better implementations. We perform these tasks with half knowledge and if something goes wrong we will be in pain. Hence it is highly recommended to perform with high knowledge.

To replace the electric oven board check out the below steps:

  •  Unplug the oven from the switchboard and shut off the gas supply as well if it exists.
  • Remove the screws on the backside of the oven and keep them in a safe place. Keep childer away while doing this.  Remove the control panel back shield and pull it apart. Keep that aside. 
  • Once removed you can see an oven control board. Take a picture of it as there will be many wires and if you remove any you can replace them in the same way. This can be really helpful for the process. It makes sure that you will not miss any connections internally or miss place the wiring. Make it a habit in the future as well. 
  • After taking a virtual image disconnect the wires very carefully from the oven. 
  • Later, remove the mounting screws on both sides of the oven control board. Keep the screws safe, do not mix them with another set of screws. Keep an identity for the screws. 
  • Pull the oven control board outside. 
  • The overlay (the top layer)  is in good shape, so it doesn't need to be replaced. If damaged the overlay will be destructed, hence you need a replacement for it. 
  • If you want keep the overlay to another oven control board. Slowly remove the overlay. Transfer the overlay from the old oven control board to the new oven control board. If you have any new overlay for the oven control board fix the new one. 
  • While replacing it, unpack the new oven control board. In the same way, attach the into the oven. By using the picture you have taken before connecting the wires.
  • Take the mounting screws and set them back using the screwdriver or the piler. Make sure You have connected all the wires carefully and didn't mismatch if any. If any misplaced oven control board will not work. Hence will stop working. Ensure or check twice. Be patient while doing this process. 
  • After the assurance rearranges the control panel shielded and fix the screws which you have removed at the start. 
  • Restore the power plug, into the plug point. And turn on the switch and check out whether all the functions are working properly or not. 
  • If any repair follows the above steps if needs replacement you can replace it.
  • Follow the same process if not sure as mentioned above reach out to the technician. Also, make sure you have done all the alignments correctly.
  • You can check out the oven control board on the website PartsFe. You can choose the relevant oven control board as they will be in different colors and models and manufacturers.

How much does it cost to replace an oven control board?

Buying a whole oven for one fault in the spare part is more expensive than buying the spare part for oven. There wouldn't be any kind of issue with a change of the oven control board. Some people will think that “changing of the spare part may be a risk in the future” That can go wrong sometimes, changing a spare part is not a bad idea and it can be affordable as well. It can be up to $200. Depending on the model, and features the cost may vary.

To order an Oven control board check out the below link: 


When you click the above link you shall find no of products, with different ranges, and cost. 

I shall suggest you two products as an example to make your work easier:


The above product is oven board control, with maufracturer Lang, and cost of around $1224. The model is avaialble. 2021-2022 production. 


The above product is another type of control oven board, costs $ 280.34, which is available in stock , manufacturer Antunes, Homely oven type. 

For more products check out the website. 

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