Thermostat For Cres Cor - Part# 0848062K

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Manufacturer Name: Cres Cor
Product Number: 0848062K
OEM Part Number: 0848062K
Product Description: Electric Thermostat, Selco, Temp 0-250 F,;20 Amp, 120/240V, 3/16" X 8" Ss Bulb, 24" Cap;3/16" D-Stem Flat Up, Vert Mount,;Cres-Cor Food Warmer 120, 120-240, 120Ph1836d,;120Ph1836d208, 120Ph1836d240, 121Ph, 121Ph-240, 121Ph1818d,;121Ph1818d208, 121Ph1818d240, 121Phua11d, 121Phua11d208,;121Phua11d240, 126Ph, 126Ph-240, 1301836D, 1301836D208,;1301836D240, 1301836Rr, 131Ua11d, 131Ua11d208, 131Ua11d240,;131Ua9d, 131Ua9d208, 131Ua9d240, Ccb-120A, Ccb-150,Ccb-96A,;Eb-150, Eb-150-208, Eb-150-240, H-339-12-135C,;H-339-12-135Ce, H-339-12-188C, H-339-12-188C-240,;H-339-127C, H-339-127C-240, H-339-128C, H-339-128C-240,;H-339-1813C, H-339-1813C-240, H-339-1813C-Gml,;H-339-1813C-Gmr, H-339-188C, H-339-188C-240, H-339-Ua-8C,;H-339-Ua-8C-240, H-339-X-128C, H-339214, H135sua11,
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