Bin Control For Hoshizaki - Part# 2a4393g01

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Bin Control


  • Weight: 0.78 lbs
Manufacturer Name: Hoshizaki
Product Number: 2A4393G01
OEM Part Number: 2A4393G01
Product Description: Hoshizaki ice makers are renowned for their quality, reliability, and innovative features, and the "Bin Control" is a crucial component that contributes to the efficient operation of these machines. It monitors the level of ice in the storage bin. The Hoshizaki 2A4393G01 is a bin control for Hoshizaki ice machines. It is a genuine OEM part that is approved for safety and reliability. The bin control is responsible for turning off the ice maker when the ice bin is full and turning it back on when the ice bin is empty. It does this by monitoring the temperature of the ice in the bin. The Bin Control helps optimize ice production by ensuring that ice is produced only when there is a demand for it. This prevents unnecessary energy consumption and helps maintain consistent ice supply levels. Depending on the model, the Bin Control may feature a user-friendly interface that allows operators to monitor ice levels and adjust settings as needed. The Bin Control minimizes ice wastage by ensuring that ice production matches the actual demand. This is especially valuable in environments with fluctuating ice requirements. Its intelligent monitoring and control capabilities contribute to the overall performance and reliability of Hoshizaki ice makers, making them a popular choice in various commercial settings, such as restaurants, hotels, and healthcare facilities. 

Here are some of the features of the Hoshizaki 2A4393G01 bin control:

  • Genuine OEM part
  • Approved for use in Hoshizaki ice machines
  • Automatically turns off the ice maker when the ice bin is full
  • Automatically turns the ice maker back on when the ice bin is empty
  • Bimetal sensor for accurate temperature sensing
  • Easy to install and adjust
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Customer Questions
How do I clean and maintain the Hoshizaki Bin Control?

Cleaning the Bin Control involves ensuring that sensors and components are free from debris and buildup. Always follow the maintenance guidelines provided in the product manual.

How do I install the Hoshizaki 2A4393G01?

Installation instructions are typically provided by Hoshizaki in the product manual. It involves mounting the control in the ice bin and connecting it to the ice machine's control system.

Can I extend the life of my Hoshizaki Bin Control through maintenance?

Yes, regular maintenance, including cleaning and inspection, can contribute to the longevity and reliable operation of the Bin Control. Follow Hoshizaki's maintenance instructions for best results.

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