American Range A80100 Body & Magnet Head Assembly

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Body & Magnet Head Assy


  • Weight: 0.98 lbs
Manufacturer Name: American Range
Product Number: A80100
OEM Part Number: A80100

Product Description Of American Range A80100 Valve Safety:

A gas safety valve used in kitchen appliances is a critical component designed to enhance safety by preventing gas leaks, regulating gas flow, and ensuring the proper functioning of gas-powered appliances. Gas safety valves are engineered for rapid response. They can shut off gas flow almost instantly in case of flame failure or irregularities in gas pressure, minimizing the risk of accidents. The A80100 American Range Safety Valves are equipped with a manual reset feature. After a safety shut-off, users may need to manually reset the valve to restore the gas supply. Advanced gas safety valves may include integrated gas leak detection mechanisms. These sensors can detect even minor gas leaks, triggering immediate shut-off. Gas safety valves are designed to work seamlessly with a range of gas-powered kitchen appliances, including stoves, ovens, grills, and more. Certain gas safety valves feature temperature compensation mechanisms to ensure consistent gas flow even in varying temperature conditions. To prevent unauthorized adjustments or tampering, gas safety valves often feature a tamper-resistant design, providing an added layer of security. Given their critical safety role, gas safety valves are often constructed from materials that resist corrosion, ensuring long-term reliability. The A80100 American Range Safety Valves are manufactured to meet rigorous safety standards and regulations to ensure their effectiveness in preventing gas-related accidents. 

Key features offered by the southbend range gas safety valves used are:

  • Designed to work in conjunction with a thermocouple, ensuring that the pilot flame remains lit for safe gas flow.
  • Complies with safety standards and certifications to ensure reliable and secure gas control in domestic environments.
  • Ensures precise control over gas flow, contributing to efficient and safe stove and range operation.
  • Designed to work in conjunction with a thermocouple, ensuring that the pilot flame remains lit for safe gas flow.
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Customer Questions
How often should the safety valve be inspected for maintenance purposes?

Regular inspections are advisable to ensure the continued functionality of the safety valve. Check for any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage and follow manufacturer recommendations for maintenance intervals.


Can the safety valve be used with appliances other than stoves and ranges?

The safety valve is primarily designed for use with stoves and ranges. Using it with other appliances may require consultation with the manufacturer or a professional technician.

What is the purpose of a pilot flame safety valve in a stove or range?

The pilot flame safety valve is designed to enhance safety by ensuring controlled gas flow, automatic shut-off in case of a pilot flame outage, and overall secure operation of stoves and ranges.

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