Star 2F-Y8830 Top Grate 20-1/2 X 5-7/8

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Top Grate 20-1/2 X 5-7/8


  • Weight: 18.76 lbs
Manufacturer Name: Star Mfg
Product Number: 2F-Y8830
OEM Part Number: 2F-Y8830
Product Description: Star 2F-Y8830 Top Grate - your culinary partner for perfection on the grill! Designed by Star Mfg, this exceptional appliance is a must-have for any commercial kitchen looking to elevate its grilling game. With precise engineering and top-tier craftsmanship, this product is tailored to meet the demands of professionals who seek nothing less than excellence in their cooking endeavors. It takes center stage in your commercial kitchen arsenal. Expertly engineered to fit flawlessly on your grill, its dimensions of 20.375in length, 5.875in width, and 1in height ensure a snug fit, optimizing your grilling experience. With a sturdy weight of 13.4lbs, this top-grade grate means business, capable of enduring the rigors of high-volume usage without compromise.

Key Features of STAR MFG 2F-Y8830:

  • Experience even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface, guaranteeing consistent and mouthwatering results.
  • Built to last, this top grate can weather the busiest of kitchens, maintaining its prime condition even after prolonged use.
  • Whether it's succulent steaks, juicy burgers, or grilled veggies, it excels at bringing out the best flavors in every dish.
  • Changing out the grate is easy, ensuring your commercial kitchen's efficiency remains intact.
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