Anets 60125401 Thermostat RX, 3/8 X 5, 36

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Thermostat Rx, 3/8 X 5, 36


  • Weight: 0.672 lbs
Manufacturer Name: Anets
Product Number: 60125401
OEM Part Number: 60125401

Product Description Of Fryer Thermostat Pitco 60125401 Anets:

Millivolt thermostats used in fryers with a temperature range from 200°F to 400°F have specific features tailored for precise temperature control in high-temperature cooking environments. Covers a broad temperature spectrum from 200°F to 400°F, allowing users to set and maintain the desired cooking temperature for various frying applications. The Anets 60125401 Thermostat for Deep Fryer Equipment operates on millivolt power, which means it doesn't require external electrical power sources. This can be advantageous in environments where electrical connections may be limited. Offers precise temperature control within the specified range, ensuring consistent and accurate cooking results for different types of foods. Built with durable materials to withstand the high temperatures associated with fryer applications. This durability is essential for maintaining performance in a demanding cooking environment. Utilizes a thermal sensing element to detect and respond to changes in temperature, allowing the thermostat to regulate the heat output of the fryer effectively. The Anets 60125401 Thermostat for Deep Fryer Equipment provides an adjustable setpoint that allows users to select their desired frying temperature within the specified range. This flexibility accommodates various cooking requirements. Features a quick response time to temperature changes, ensuring that the fryer can reach and maintain the set temperature efficiently. Incorporates safety features such as high-temperature limits or fail-safes to prevent overheating and enhance the overall safety of the fryer. Designed for easy installation and replacement, allowing for convenient maintenance and ensuring minimal downtime for fryer operation. Optimized for energy efficiency, helping to minimize energy consumption during the frying process. 

Key features of the Anets millivolt thermostat used in fryers are:

  • 200°F to 400°F for versatile cooking applications.
  • Offers accurate and consistent temperature control for precise cooking results.
  • Uses a thermal sensing element to detect and respond to temperature changes.
  • Rapidly adjusts to temperature changes, ensuring efficient heating.

The millivolt thermostat with a temperature range from 200°F to 400°F is crucial in fryers for precise temperature control during cooking. It enables consistent frying of various foods by regulating the heat output, ensuring optimal results.

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Customer Questions
Is it possible to recalibrate the millivolt thermostat if I notice a discrepancy in temperature readings over time?

The millivolt thermostat is typically factory-calibrated, and recalibration may not be recommended for user adjustments. If you experience issues, it's best to consult the user manual or contact customer support for guidance.

Are there any specific maintenance requirements for the millivolt thermostat to ensure its long-term performance?

Regular cleaning and inspection are recommended to maintain optimal performance. However, the millivolt thermostat is designed for low maintenance. Refer to the user manual for specific guidelines.

In the event of a power outage, how does the millivolt thermostat continue to function without external electrical power?

The millivolt thermostat operates independently of external electrical power, relying on the millivolt power generated by the heat source. This ensures continued functionality even during power outages.

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