Thanksgiving Promotions & Ideas for Restaurant 2022

Posted: November 07, 2022

Get your restaurant ready for the holiday season now with these tips: Knowing what to do in advance can make things a lot easier this Thanksgiving. Find out what you need to know and start planning now!

This year, why not start a new holiday tradition with your family and friends? With these restaurant promotions, you'll be able to win over the hearts of your guests and leave them with a lasting impression of your establishment. We've got all the best ideas for Thanksgiving restaurant promotions for 2022 — don't miss out on this one!

Why is Thanksgiving so special for restaurants?

One of the most popular holidays in the USA is Thanksgiving, and on this day, people are eager to indulge and eat out. One in ten individuals expect to eat out for Thanksgiving dinner, according to data by the National Restaurant Association. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are traditionally particularly profitable days for restaurants in the USA because they see a spike in sales and an increase in average spend per customer. Therefore, it only makes sense that you develop a clever restaurant marketing strategy for Thanksgiving in order to draw in more clients and maximize this season.

The Best Way to Plan for a Successful Thanksgiving Promotion

Thanksgiving is a great time for restaurant owners to invite people who will appreciate the meal and possibly become devoted patrons. Here are some restaurant marketing ideas to assist you bring in more business, keep your current clientele, and upsell your menu items.

1. Jazz Up The Menu

Thanksgiving menus must include autumnal flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon, and other similar ingredients. These flavors are familiar to diners and evoke nostalgia. Create a Thanksgiving menu that includes delectable dishes and beverages to add even more memorable touches. Make sure that this menu is time-limited and that it only includes Thanksgiving staples like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and pumpkin cheesecake.

It is crucial to offer a separate menu because it is a fantastic method to attract guests looking for traditional Thanksgiving fare. Just be sure to draw attention to this limited menu via social media, window displays, etc. Train your team to sell the specialty foods as well.

  1. Host Events

This is one of the top Thanksgiving restaurant marketing ideas. It's a terrific idea to provide a classic Thanksgiving meal for breakfast or dinner to draw in holiday travelers.

You can arrange a charity event and raise money for needy families at this time because people are feeling philanthropic. The notoriety that your restaurant would receive from hosting an event will help you attract more clients in the future.

You should check that your business is properly outfitted before holding a Thanksgiving function. It won't be good for your restaurant's reputation if you run out of turkey on Thanksgiving, so make sure the inventory is supplied!

You may roughly estimate how many people to expect this Thanksgiving by forecasting your sales and looking at the turnout from the prior year. Use a smart stock and inventory management system that will notify you in real time if a specific raw material is running low.

Additionally, you must make sure your restaurant has a sufficient number of employees to contribute to the success of the Thanksgiving celebration.

  1. Run Competitions

Engaging your clients through social media competitions is a good strategy. Thanksgiving dinner is primarily about the food, so the families spend hours making the tastiest dishes possible. Before the Thanksgiving event, you can have a recipe competition on your social media platforms. Encourage people to post videos and images of their recipes, and the recipe with the most likes can win a discount code or a free meal. By doing this, you can interact with potential customers who aren't going out to eat on Thanksgiving and encourage them to come back to your restaurant later.

Create a distinctive hashtag for your restaurant, and encourage customers to use it whenever they share a photo that features your establishment. Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, so you can count on a huge turnout! This is a powerful strategy for spreading awareness of your restaurant brand.

  1. Leverage Your Existing Customer Base

Spreading the word is crucial for the event's success; you may do this by sending emails and SMS to previous diners as their likelihood of attending the event is higher than that of a stranger.

Consequently, you can interact with your devoted consumers by using your CRM. Go back to your CRM reports and look over the list of patrons who had previously dined at your establishment on Thanksgiving the previous year. Then, to encourage them to visit your restaurant again this year, you might provide a special Thanksgiving discount and advertise it via customized SMS and emails.

  1. Festive decorations

Get into the holiday spirit by decorating your restaurant with seasonal elements that will heighten the festive atmosphere. People will be delighted to see a restaurant going above and beyond to create a cheerful setting, therefore it is crucial to make your establishment look in sync with the event and the festivities. 

People will start talking about your restaurant if it is tastefully adorned, which is a great approach to draw in additional customers. One of the most well-liked restaurant marketing strategies is the festive decoration, which is a terrific method to boost sales.

  1. Spread The Word

It is crucial to let people know if you are intending to organize an event or provide a unique Thanksgiving dinner. Utilize your social media channels to inform people about the special Thanksgiving event you are throwing. Alternatively, you might include a brochure with each takeout order that offers a discount for the event. Festivals are an excellent opportunity to boost restaurant sales, so it's critical to have a solid restaurant marketing strategy in place. A restaurant owner has several opportunities to earn during a festival; be sure to utilize these opportunities to their fullest potential. 

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