5 Best Halloween Dinner Menu Ideas For Your Restaurant : 2022

Posted: October 19, 2022

October 31st is the perfect day to celebrate with your friends and family. Start by creating a spooky atmosphere. Turn off the lights and use Halloween decorations. Serve up some of these spooktacular Halloween recipes that are sure to make your guests shriek with delight!

Get the best Halloween Dinner menu ideas for your restaurant in time for 2022.

 It's a big day when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, spookiest, and perfect for the festivities.

We would love to share our best Halloween dinner menu ideas with you, whether you're an executive chef or an owner, so that you are prepared and ready to create a great culinary experience.

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Scary Halloween Party Food Ideas 2022

With all the decorations, costumes, and candy, it's hard to think about what you're going to eat. But don't worry about that! We’ve got your next Halloween Dinner all planned out for you.

Wouldn't it be great to have a Halloween party at your bar or host a spooky dinner at your restaurant? Well, we've prepared a menu that will thrill customers of all ages. Keep reading to check out our scary ideas.

1) Halloween Appetizers

These appetizers are perfect for small-scale gatherings, and can be served in the form of finger foods or as a main dish.

     a) Spider Deviled Eggs

Add a frightening black-olive spider on the top of crowd-pleasing deviled eggs to take them to the next level. Slice a black olive in half, remove the pit, and put it in the center of your deviled egg to make the body of your spider. For the legs that will encircle the body of your spider, cut three black olive slices in half. Deviled eggs can be made green by adding some avocado to the egg yolk for an extra spooky touch. At your catered event or bar's monster bash, these adorable creepy crawlies make the ideal accent to a hors d'oeuvres spread.

     b) Mini Mummy Dogs

A clever twist to the traditional party snack of pigs in a blanket is to make them become mummies. To resemble the wrappings of a mummy, cut thin pieces of crescent dough and wrap them around miniature hot dogs or hot dog halves. Remember to leave a tiny opening at the top so you can put your mom's eyes. To produce the eyeballs peeping through the mummy wrappings, use candy eyes or two spots of prepared mustard.

2) Halloween Soups and Stews

Warm up your customers with soups that are inspired by Halloween on a chilly autumn night:

    a) Spider Web Butternut Squash Soup

The fall season isn't complete without butternut squash soup. This soup is not only comforting, but it also aids in the fight against the flu, making it a great choice for your Halloween meal. By adding a thin spider web pattern to your soup with sour cream or plain yogurt, you may dress it up for the holiday. 

Make a target-like shape by piping three circles inside of one another. To create the interconnecting strands of the spider web, thread the tip of a toothpick through the sour cream lines from the middle of the soup to the bowl's edge. To better fit your menu, pair this with a colorful tomato soup or a delicious curry.

    b) Witches’ Brew

"Double, double, labor and difficulty." Serve your daily soup in a striking miniature cast iron pot to resemble a witch's cauldron. Your soups will stay at the ideal temperature in a cast-iron pot, which also makes for a scary dining presentation. To replicate a witches' brew, fill your miniature pots with recipes rich in ingredients, such as gumbo, beef and potato stew, or seafood boil soup. Cauldron bubbles and fire burns.

3) Halloween Entrees

With these Halloween entree suggestions, you may jazz up your pub fare for your main course:

   a) Jack-o'-Lantern Burger

Make your traditional hamburger into a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. To make eyes for your burger, cut two triangles out of the top of the bread. By placing triangular cheese slices over the edge of the patty, you may create a mouth for your burger. Add a tomato stem to the top of your burger to make it resemble a recently plucked pumpkin. With this dish, you'll get your diners daydreaming about their own childhood pumpkin carving events. With our suggestions for burger alternatives, you can add a wide range of jack-o'-lantern burgers.

   b) Monster Pizza

By transforming those pies into monsters, you may make a scary statement about your pizza offering. Make evil monster faces peep out at your consumers by using toppings that go nicely with your pizza cheeses. Pizza can be decorated with cheese or heart-of-palm eyes, with black olives serving as the pupils. Use basil or green peppers to give your monster green hair. To give your savage creature a terrifying row of teeth, slice some pepperoni into sharp triangles.

4) Halloween Charcuterie

Provide these inventive Halloween charcuterie boards to your customers if they're seeking for a wonderful choice to share:

   a) Savory Charcuterie

Whether it's a catered event or just a night at the bar, a Halloween cheese board is the ideal accent to any Halloween celebration. The ideal way to introduce healthy snack alternatives to any gathering is with charcuterie boards. Cut cheese slices into ghost shapes for a festive touch, and add black olive spiders to cheese wedges for extra spookiness. Wrap breadsticks with prosciutto to imitate flesh dropping off the bone and produce a skeletal look. To evoke the fall season, be sure to adorn your board with bread rolls molded into tiny pumpkins.

   b) Dessert Charcuterie

A sugar charcuterie board can help your guests get into the Halloween spirit because Halloween is all about candy. Ensure that your board is stocked with sweet treats like M&Ms, candy corn, gourmet popcorn, peanut butter cups, gummy worms, and chocolates. A fruit tray and delectable seasonal dips, like pumpkin butter or cinnamon cream cheese, can be prepared for those who prefer a lighter choice. To make bite-sized caramel apples, slice an apple into thin slices and dip them in caramel sauce. These shareable plates are ideal for Halloween night outs or costume parties. Customers can eat them at the table.

5) Halloween Desserts

For guests with a little bit of a sweet taste, round up your menu with these Halloween dessert suggestions:

   a) Graveyard Dirt Cups

Add dirt pudding cups as a single-serving dessert to your menu. Your consumers will adore them if you customize them with a selection of toppings and fall tastes. Create graveyard cups to boost the spook factor of this dessert. Add cookie coffins and edible chocolate tombstones to the cup's top for decoration. You could have sweet bones protruding from the ground and wriggling gummy worms crawling out of the tomb. This dish is both tasty and unsettling, and it is simple to package for customers to take with them.

   b)  Meringues Ghosts

Add meringue ghosts to your sheet cakes, cupcakes, and brownies for a crispy spooky treat. Meringues provide a delightful garnish for your specialty baked goods since they have a marshmallow-like core and a crunchy exterior. Before baking, pipe meringues extremely tall to give them a ghostly appearance. Take some black icing and put two eyes and a mouth on them once they have cooked and dried to create a small ghost that is adorable enough to eat.

A variety of costumed customers may visit your pub or restaurant on Halloween. In order to keep the celebrations going, tap your pumpkin keg and offer a Halloween menu that will please consumers of all ages.

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